Press Releases

Skyward Partners with ParentSquare to Increase Communication between Schools and Families

New partnership offers additional ways for educators to contact families for improved student success
Read more Jul 18, 2023
98% Employee Retention Rate Drives Growth for Local Edtech Company

The perfect blend of work and play keeps employees thriving at Skyward
Read more Jun 13, 2023
K-12 Edtech Company, Skyward, Celebrates 20 Years of iCon

Edtech leaders came together to learn, network, and honor individual and district achievements at Skyward iCon 2023
Read more Mar 07, 2023
Skyward Partners with Otus to Improve Data-Driven Instruction

The partnership allows system interoperability to automatically transfer student data between both solutions, saving educators time
Read more Feb 21, 2023
District Leaders Increasingly Turn to Digital Tools to Improve Communication, Engagement, and Culture

K-12 edtech company, Skyward, showcases districts engaging their communities through websites, social media, and videos.
Read more Jan 10, 2023
EdTech Partner Helps Texas Districts Overcome Ongoing Challenges

Nearly 1 in 3 Texas school districts trust Skyward software to help with evolving administrative needs.
Read more Sep 27, 2022

Media Coverage

How Much Should ChatGPT Know About Your District?

Discussion of the artificial intelligence language model ChatGPT seems impossible to escape these days. Its insight may even prove useful to district leaders deciding how to handle AI in their schools.
Read more Jul 20, 2023
The Evolution Of eLearning

The rise and fall of learning outside the four walls of a classroom.
Read more May 11, 2023
What's New in EdTech Interoperability

Interoperability—the ability of software programs to seamlessly connect to one another by seamlessly exchanging information and common language—is something we’ve been steadily working towards in edtech. 
Read more Sep 26, 2022
5 Ways EdTech Companies Show Customers They Care

Good vendors will learn who you are and what you need help with before making any attempt to sell their offerings.
Read more Aug 30, 2022
The best benefit you can give educators? Easing their mental load

Thoughtfully automating administrative tasks can free educators to devote more time to their passion: teaching.
Read more Jun 17, 2022
Do we do our best work for machines?

For educators and administrators, AI needs to be seen as a powerful tool but still a tool—not a substitute for a human teacher or administrator.
Read more Jun 15, 2022

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