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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (Aug. 14, 2018) Skyward, an administrative software provider committed to a better experience for every user, today announced an agreement with two Texas Education Service Centers (ESCs), Region 10 and Region 12. The agreement will allow both ESCs to provide support and training for Skyward’s business and HR solutions as early as fall 2018. The previous seven-year partnership offered support and training to Skyward’s SIS customers.
“Our top priority is delivering a better experience to our customers,” said Ray Ackerlund, chief marketing officer at Skyward. “With a rising number of Texas school districts joining the Skyward family, we are excited to grow our partnership with Regions 10 and 12 and deliver unparalleled support to those using our business and HR solutions.”
With Skyward serving nearly 260 Texas school districts, the partnership will help customers maximize their solution on both the student and business/HR side while improving the quality of education. To assist districts, ESC representatives must pass the same certification standards as Skyward’s own support staff while offering a deep understanding of Texas education. Additionally, both regions will provide supplemental services such as solution implementations, software consultations, workshops, and multiple forms of training for current and new staff.
“We see the positive influence Skyward is making in districts throughout the state of Texas,” said Angela Murray, Region 10’s assistant director of information services.  “Region 10 is confident our new Skyward business relationship will produce the same impactful results.”
“We are excited to add the Skyward School Business Suite software support to our extensive line of school accounting and business services at ESC 12,” said Lisa McKinnon, CPA, education services at Region 12. “This partnership will help us provide more resources to save our schools time and money.”
With the agreement to provide business training and support, current customers will continue receiving the same support for their daily operations unless they are looking to change hosting or support options. Districts across the state have the option to switch from Skyward support to ESC support if they prefer. Any customers that are not currently supported by the ESCs but would like to be, can contact   
For more information about ESC Regions 10 and 12, visit or