Privacy Policy for our Products & Solutions

This Privacy Policy provides information on how Skyward, Inc. collects, uses and protects personal information disclosed to us in the circumstances described below. Skyward, Inc. provides software products and services that support the most critical processes of managing student, parent, vendor and school information and data, which may include personally identifiable information protected by state and federal law (collectively, “Protected Information”) and we are committed to the highest standards of protection of all Protected Information. References to “us,” “we,” “our” or “Skyward” in this Privacy Policy, are referring to Skyward Inc. Our customers and partners entrust us with Protected Information of employees, parents and students and we take the responsibility attached to this information very seriously. We are a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge.
Collection of Information: The nature of the information we collect and how we use it depends on the nature of your relationship with us.  We only collect and process information in accordance with the terms of our agreements with our customers and their end users.  Please see the section below that applies to you.
Customers: If you are a customer of Skyward, we are providing our products and services directly to your school or school district pursuant to a written agreement.  Only information that is needed for us to perform our services in accordance with our agreement with you is disclosed to us.  The disclosure of Protected Information in this context is authorized under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Skyward is deemed to be a school official with a legitimate educational interest.  Skyward and the Protected Information disclosed to us remain under the direct control of the customer and subject to the terms of the agreement, as well as state and federal law.
We collect only the information necessary for us to provide the educational technology services as directed by you. The information collected from you depends on the specific product and what is needed to integrate with your systems and to set up and maintain accounts. This may include: pupil records of students and parents of students enrolled in your school or district, email addresses, student IDs, account credentials, courses students are enrolled in, health information kept in student records, and other Protected Information. We also collect employee account information including usernames, email addresses and titles to initially set up products and services for you. If directed to do so by you, we may also collect financial information of students and parents of students as you make available to us in order for us to provide services to you pursuant to our agreement.
With your consent, we will also collect device and usage information when you access and use our products and services, including information that your browser or the mobile app sends when you are using it. This data may include your unique device identifier, IP address, your browser type and configuration, the date and time of your use of the product or service and cookie data. The purpose of collecting such information is to improve our products and services to better meet the needs of our customers and their users.
We use the information you provide us to provide you with the features and functionality of the Skyward products and services, as well as to communicate directly with you and allow you to communicate with other Skyward users. It is necessary for us to use your information in this manner in order to provide you with the services your school district has requested pursuant to its agreement with Skyward. We will use your information to provide you with news and information about new products, services or product testing opportunities. We may also use de-identified and aggregated information to understand and improve our products and services.
Parents and Students: The school or school district decides how your Protected Information is used. All Protected Information remains the property of, and is solely owned and controlled by, our customers (the school or school district). Skyward will only use Protected Information for the purposes of providing the products and services that our customers have contracted with us to provide and we will only process Protected Information according to the customer’s instructions and the terms of our agreement. The school or school district’s own privacy statement governs the use of Protected Information. Skyward’s customers determine what Protected Information we collect through the Skyward products and services and how it is used, and we process that Protected Information according to our customers’ instructions and the terms of our contract with our customers.
If Skyward receives a request to access any Protected Information in its possession (including any requests from students, parents or guardians), it will promptly inform the school or school district of such request.  Except as required by law or as directed by the school or school district, Skyward will not delete, change, or disclose any Protected Information in its system.  To the extent you have questions regarding the Skyward products and services used by your school or school district and the information disclosed to Skyward in association therewith,  please contact your school or school district.
Security: Within Skyward, all Protected Information will be accessed only by those who have a need to know such information to allow Skyward to provide its products and services pursuant to its agreement with the school or school district.  All employees of Skyward are required to comply with Skyward’s data privacy and security policies and receive annual security and privacy training.  Skyward employs a variety of physical, administrative and technological safeguards that are designed to protect Protected Information against loss, misuse and unauthorized access or disclosure. We strive to continuously enhance our technical and operational security measures. Our measures consider the type and sensitivity of the data being collected, used and stored, and the current state of technology and threats to information. Skyward’s security measures include data encryption; firewalls; data use and access limitations for personnel and vendors; and physical access controls to our facilities. We also train and support school districts on how to secure data. In the event of the termination of our agreement with a customer, Skyward will, at the direction of the customer, either return or securely destroy all Protected Information in our system.  Skyward does not knowingly retain any copies of any Protected Information received from its customers.
Please note that state and federal laws and regulations related to the privacy of personal information are constantly evolving and as a result, Skyward may update, amend or modify this Privacy Policy from time to time. If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please contact us here.