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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (May 4, 2017) – North Shore School District 112 is experiencing tremendous efficiencies in its business operations thanks to new leadership with a tech-driven approach. Christopher Wildman, District 112’s CFO, has led significant change over the last few months by strengthening the district’s business culture and maximizing the capabilities of Skyward’s School Business Suite, the district’s financial solution. As a result, the district has overcome budget challenges, increased internal communications, and transformed business operations.

Having previous experience using Skyward’s financial solution, Wildman knew the value it could provide District 112. By emphasizing Skyward’s capabilities, Wildman and his team have accelerated the improvement of business operations through a tech-driven approach. “I’m a huge fan of Skyward, it’s a product that has greatly improved our district’s efficiency and effectiveness,” said Wildman.

In addition, Wildman and his team have formed a culture centered on the continuous improvement of operations. “We collaboratively ask questions of our current processes and where we need to improve, then we use Skyward to help us strengthen and build those processes,” said Wildman.

Because of its forward-thinking mentality, District 112 has streamlined cash handling processes that consolidated 12 bank accounts into one new fund. With 12 accounts closed, the business office now handles all check writing and cash handling processes through Skyward’s accounting system, removing the burden from its 12 schools.

“That’s 12 accounts that don’t need to be reconciled every month and 12 accounts that don’t need to be monitored by 12 people,” explained Wildman. “It’s just one fund that can be tracked by one accountant versus 12 people – now that’s a real time saver.”

Having the understanding that change takes both time and patience has been at the center of District 112’s successes. “Districts need to think about their underlying processes and cultural issues first,” explained Wildman. “Once you do that, you can go to a powerful tool like Skyward to find out how they can improve what you do.”

With its transformation, District 112 has now set the standard for what it means to have a next-generation business office. “North Shore School District exemplifies what can happen when you combine a strong culture with future-ready technology,” explained Ray Ackerlund, Skyward’s chief marketing officer. “Their business model really showcases what other school business offices can become.”

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