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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (July 21, 2020) – Skyward, an administrative software provider committed to a better experience for every user, is pleased to announce a new COVID-19 self-screening survey that will assist districts in keeping their schools safe and healthy this upcoming school year. The new tool, set to roll out mid-August for the start of school, will verify that all people entering schools are not symptomatic with the virus.

“COVID-19 leaves a lot of uncertainty for districts and families when schools reopen this upcoming school year,” said Scott Glinski, Skyward CEO. “Districts are looking for their business partners to provide solutions, and Skyward is pleased to offer a tool that will ease that transition by offering customers a self-screening survey that ties directly into their SIS,” stated Glinski.

The self-screening survey will be available to both Skyward SMS 2.0 and Qmlativ customers that own either the student or business platform, at no additional cost. The survey will be available for all parents, guardians, students, and staff to access via their respective portals on both the desktop and mobile app.

Accessible directly from their Skyward platform, the self-screening survey will ask two questions in a yes/no format. The first question will ask if there are any symptoms people may be experiencing, while the second question will ask if the participant has had any close contact with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19.

If someone answers “no” to both questions, they will receive confirmation to enter the school building. If someone answers “yes” to either or both questions, they will receive a message letting them know not to attend school/enter the building. Messaging and instructions can be customized by the district. Furthermore, administrative users will also be able to run a report for various results on the survey or to help identify those who have not completed the survey for any given day.

“The pandemic is tasking many districts with finding a solution that assists in monitoring that staff and students are healthy,” said Glinski. “Skyward’s self-screening tool will make it a bit easier to screen each person prior to entering a building, as per state recommendations,” stated Glinski.

As the circumstances around COVID-19 continue to change, the tool can be customized to handle different situations as needed.