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STEVENS POINT, Wis (June 27, 2016) - Skyward, a K-12 school administrative software provider, unveils its redesigned mobile app at ISTE 2016. Four key features included in the updated app are improved menu navigation, home screen widgets, push notifications, and Touch ID for iOS devices – among additional enhancements.
With Skyward’s June 2016 release now live, the app is out of its beta testing stage, and all district clients have access to the new app from a mobile device. Users will first notice the enhanced menu navigation, which allows for the customization of favorites – areas of the app a user frequently views – saving clients valuable time and streamlining user-experience.
“Feedback from the mobile app’s beta users was taken into account during the development of the new framework, design and enhancements,” said Ray Ackerlund, chief marketing officer at Skyward. “While we carried over functionality from the previous app, the redesigned app has a more appealing, user-friendly interface, which provided the flexibility to add these new features that will better meet our users’ needs.”
Clients using the mobile app will enjoy the option to view widgets on the app’s home screen, which provide snapshots of information such as recent notifications, an employee’s time clock, or a student’s grades. Similar to the favorites option, widgets allow users quick access to information and save navigation time.
Users can also take advantage of the option to receive push notifications from Skyward’s app to their mobile device – an update highly anticipated by many clients. With push notifications enabled, users can receive notifications of new information to view within the app including scored grade book assignments, vacation requests, lunch account low balances, and more. 
For clients using an iOS device, the Touch ID feature is also included in the app’s update. This function allows users to log into Skyward’s mobile app with the touch of a finger – an alternative to entering a four-digit passcode.
Skyward’s mobile app can be downloaded and accessed on all major mobile platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile. To learn more about the redesigned app, watch the quick video here: