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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (July 22, 2015) ¬ Two Texas institutions, Mesquite Independent School District and Village Tech Schools, have enlisted Skyward, an industry-leading K-12 school administrative software provider, to unify school management processes. Both districts identified customer service as the primary factor in selecting Skyward, along with student data security, parent engagement and ease-of-use for teachers.
A large suburban school district located just east of Dallas, Mesquite ISD selected the Student Management Suite from Skyward to answer its data integration needs. Mesquite ISD searched for a management system that stressed data accuracy and security for its 40,000 students, while also providing a user-friendly platform with cost-cutting data storage capabilities.
“Skyward’s reputation within the state of Texas is impeccable,” said Dr. Denise Kutch, Assistant Superintendent at Mesquite ISD. “Once a district chooses Skyward, it stays with Skyward. Customers throughout the state are satisfied with the comprehensive level of support received from the company.”
Village Tech Schools, an open-enrollment charter school in its third year, selected the Skyward Student Management and School Business Suites. Skyward will partner with the school to streamline digital scheduling, as students are allowed to move freely between classes. Village Tech Schools is looking forward to Family Access for parent communication, Gradebook to simplify the grading process and the Business Suite to manage operations.
"We need a solution that meets our short-term and long-term needs," said Jeremy Jameson, Chief Technology Officer at Village Tech Schools. "Skyward brings everything under one roof; it's a one-stop shop for grading, scheduling, communicating with parents and managing business operations such as payroll and inventory. Having the option to bring the student and business systems together will help our district move forward, so we don't have to constantly keep cross-referencing data."
Mesquite ISD will implement the Skyward Student Management Suite in fall of 2016, while Village Tech Schools implemented the Student Management Suite last spring and is currently implementing the School Business Suite.  

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