Data hacker

Be proactive about protecting your data.

School data is completely unique: The personal identifying information of students, financial records, and academic data make K12 schools a huge target for hackers—and the potential for losing precious records to disasters complicates data management. Complacency is your enemy: make a plan and strive for constant improvement when it comes to data security.


Cloud hosting speeds disaster recovery.

Secure cloud hosting frees up time to focus on staff and infrastructure
Backup copies of data are readily available 24/7 if disaster strikes
Server updates are built in, so software is always up-to-date
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School and cloud

"The security and disaster recovery plan for our Skyward systems continues to be very high on our priority list. Skyward contains a lot of student and financial data that is mission-critical."

- Craig Waldvogel

Information Technology Coordinator
at Staples-Motley School District


  School districts for ransom

The stakes are high for school data administrators.

Learn how data ransom attacks happen and how to defend your school.

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Practice security drills.

Security team Test your team before they encounter the real thing. Here's how to set up 3 security measures.

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Six types of fraud One of the biggest cyber threats today? Students. Learn 3 ways to protect your passwords.

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Security team

Build your security team.

Who do you need in your corner to build a strong defense against data breaches, disaster recovery, and cyber attacks?

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Six types of fraud

Not all threats come from outside the district.

Learn six types of fraud that may originate right in your backyard and cost big bucks.

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The state of cybersecurity in schools today

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