Project Qmlativ: Steps to Success Project Qmlativ: Steps to Success

Project Qmlativ: Steps to Success

John Jennings John Jennings Digital Media Manager
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The introduction of Qmlativ and the many little experiences that make it special has been a common theme in this newsletter, and we've only just begun. 

One of the common responses has been, "This looks amazing, but it's going to be tough to make the case for such a big change. Everybody is so comfortable with the Skyward they know."

We're well aware of the importance of first impressions and we want yours (and those of your entire team) to be favorable. The Steps to Success video series aims to accomplish just that by making the transition process transparent, positive, and full of value for everyone in your school community who uses Skyward.

These communications will be shared with you at key milestones of your transition project, but the point of this article is to raise awareness of their existence so you know you won't be going at it alone when the time comes. Let's take a look:

Project Kickoff

Purpose: To clearly outline the initial milestones of your transition and set expectations about the differences between Qmlativ and SMS 2.0. 

Audience: School/district project managers.



PDC Administration

Purpose: To accentuate the importance of the Professional Development Center as your primary training tool for this transition and to lay out the steps we've seen from districts having the most success with the PDC. There's a reason this subsection has the most videos, and that's because the training and comfort level of your staff going in will be the most important factors in the success of your transition. 

Audience: PDC coordinator and or professional development teams.



Product Overviews for End Users

Purpose: To provide supporting content for initial communications to end users throughout the school or district. To answer the question of why this move is a positive one and how it will make it easier for people to do their jobs.

Audience: Teachers, central office staff, building administrators, support staff.



A Growing Library

This is just the starting point for the Steps to Success series. We'll be keeping our eye on any trends that emerge from the transition of more customers to Qmlativ and we hope you won't hesitate to communicate any gaps we might be able to fill for you. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a better experience at every touchpoint, and sometimes that means giving you the tools you need to do the same for your stakeholders. 

For more information on Qmlativ, including interactive simulations for the Student and Business Suites, click here.  


John Jennings John Jennings Digital Media Manager
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