Guest Post: Exploring the Qmlativ Business Suite

R.J. Gravel, Ed. D

Asst Supt for Business Services - Glenbrook HSD 225, IL

Guest Post: Exploring the Qmlativ Business Suite

Editor's note: Dr. Gravel is a longtime friend of Skyward and a shining example of the "new guard" school business leader. Shortly after attending iCon 2017, he got his hands on a sandbox database for our Qmlativ platform and embarked on a mission to document his findings on Twitter. He was kind enough to sign off on our repurposing of his tweets for the benefit of the Skyward family. 




And to think - all that was the result of only three weeks of exploration! We couldn't be more excited about the many possibilities Qmlativ offers for improving the way school finance and human resources departments operate.

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