Guest Post: Skyward's Ecommerce Partnership with Amazon Business Guest Post: Skyward's Ecommerce Partnership with Amazon Business

Guest Post: Skyward's Ecommerce Partnership with Amazon Business

by Amazon Business
Amazon Business Amazon Business Trusted Skyward Partner

Editor's note: Amazon Business played a role in multiple fall user group conferences and it was obvious from the attendance of their sessions and the engagement at their booth that the Skyward community sees great value in this partnership. We hope this guest post will be of assistance to those who have not yet set up the Ecommerce integration.

It’s no easy feat keeping schools fully stocked and running smoothly.

Thankfully, you can make shopping and submitting requisitions easier than ever by using Amazon Business through Skyward’s Ecommerce portal. The simple setup and convenient access can save time and money, helping you get students and staff everything they need to succeed. Here’s how it works. 


Amazon Business + Skyward

Amazon Business is now fully integrated as an Ecommerce vendor in Skyward's School Business Suite. Many Skyward customers already use as a vendor, so accessing the Amazon Business purchasing portal right from your Skyward Business Suite is a big convenience.

Stock up on everything under the sun, from lab equipment to 3D printers to office supplies, all the while enjoying quantity discounts, business-only prices, tax-exempt purchasing, PDF invoices, and many more benefits.



A Better Way to Buy

You already have a system for ordering, so why change now? The integration of Amazon Business into Skyward is designed to make your job easier, giving you access to the products you need, the pricing you want, and workflows that work for you.   

Millions of products

• All the products you need:Amazon Business offers access to millions of business and educational products, and is adding more items and suppliers every day.

• Business offers: Several popular suppliers on Amazon Business now make a select number of their products available exclusively for businesses, including school districts.

• Choose your seller: Find sellers who meet your specific requirements through seller profiles on Amazon Business. You’ll be able to discover sellers from small businesses, women-owned businesses, minority-owned businesses, and other attributes. 


Business pricing

• Amazon Tax Exemption Program (ATEP): This program allows you to make tax-exempt purchases and manage tax exemption across your organization.

• FREE Two-day shipping on orders of $49 or more: You can enjoy unlimited free delivery on millions of eligible items.

• Compare offers: Amazon Business makes comparison shopping a snap by displaying multiple offers from different sellers on a single page.


Workflow solutions

• Multi-user accounts: Onboard your team to Amazon Business and manage individuals and groups of users. It's easy to connect your team and share payment methods and shipping addresses.

• Create approvals: Customize approval workflows and set individual spending limits to better manage your purchasing.

• Order tracking: Use purchase order numbers or reference text to improve recordkeeping. Track your shipments and see the estimated delivery dates for all items in your order.


Steps for Setup

Ready to get started? You can be set up and ready to order in 3 steps:
1. Create an Amazon Business account.
2. Generate your Ecommerce credentials. Click here to watch the video!
3. Set up Amazon Business as an Ecommerce vendor in Skyward. 

Enjoy the benefits of the Amazon Business integration with Skyward by shopping our online catalog and submitting requisitions all in the same place! Start your setup today to access more products, keep better records, and restock your schools faster than ever.

Need help setting up Amazon Business as an Ecommerce vendor? Contact

Amazon Business Amazon Business Trusted Skyward Partner

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