Know Your Skyward Support Options Know Your Skyward Support Options

Know Your Skyward Support Options

by Nickey Pietila
Nickey Pietila Nickey Pietila Exploring Your Support Options
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Editor's note: The best form of support is your own knowledge base. If you need help right now, keep reading. If you want to become a master of your Skyward universe and reduce the need for support in the first place, head on over to Know Your Skyward Training Options.  

When you need Skyward support, where do you turn? We strive to create a world where the software and the support are blended into one consistent experience, so help is never more than a click or a call away. Here’s a quick guide to the Skyward support options available to you.


1) Help Center / SkyDoc

A chance to solve a problem is an opportunity for triumph. Depending on which platform you’re on, you can take the driver’s seat in your quest for support with the Help Center or SkyDoc, our online documentation and support libraries.  


Help Center (Qmlativ only)

The Skyward Help Center is a one-stop support shop for Qmlativ users. The Help Center was designed so you can get the most out of your technology without lengthy calls or complicated instruction manuals. With the smart search capability, you can find content and documentation that relates to your problem and is tailored to your role. Explore our written tutorials, interactive flowcharts, and extensive video library to get the help you need.



SkyDoc (SMS 2.0 only)

SkyDoc offers a comprehensive library of training and support materials for SMS 2.0 users, albeit with a less modern interface than the Help Center. In SkyDoc, you’ll find checklists, sample screens and reports, and tutorials for every area of the software. Navigate using the menu path or search for a relevant keyword to find the help you need. 


2) Electronic Service Calls

If you encounter an obstacle while using the software, stay right where you are – the easiest way to submit a service call is through the software directly. Click the question mark in the top right of your screen, then click on Customer Access to submit a service call, or – if you’re a Skyward support contact using Qmlativ – click “Submit Ticket” from the Help Center.
Electronic service calls are easy to locate and simple to submit. When you enter the service call through the software, we can more easily identify the precise location where your question has originated, which in turn helps reduce turnaround times. 


3) Live Chat

In today’s text-centric world, live chat is an essential support option. Did you know you can launch a live chat from within Skyward software? Click on the question mark in the top right of the screen and follow prompts for live chat.
Our support specialists monitor inbound requests throughout the day and are prepared to field questions of all types. Live chat is a great option when you’ve already explored SkyDoc or the Help Center, but you’re still searching for a critical piece of information. Don’t spin your wheels – set your solution in motion with a quick live chat!



4) Phone Support

Some things are best explained by a real person, and that’s why the support call has survived the test of time. Our phone number is (800) 236-0001. Give us a call to get in touch with someone on our support team. Our Customer Support Specialists are trained Skyward experts who can provide the assistance and expertise you seek.     

A note about training:

Sometimes, a timely training opportunity is better than any other kind of support. Check out one of our most popular articles of all time, Know Your Skyward Training Options, to learn about opportunities for continuous improvement.
No matter which Skyward support options you choose, we’re committed to your ongoing success and will do all we can to bolster your efforts.

Watch the video for SMS 2.0 support options


Watch the video for Qmlativ support options


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Nickey Pietila Nickey Pietila Exploring Your Support Options
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