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Technology Tips: November 2019 Edition Technology Tips: November 2019 Edition

Technology Tips: November 2019 Edition

by Skyward IT Services
Skyward IT Services Skyward IT Services Network and Infrastructure Security Specialists
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This month’s tips are all about gift giving! We’ve crafted a gift guide for the children, coworkers, foodies, and techies in your life. Here are 25 of our favorite ideas to help inspire you this holiday season.  

Note: Prices are current as of publication date, and may fluctuate as the season progresses.


For coworkers:  

  1. Tech Support Mug ($12.95): Looking for a Secret Santa gift for your IT coworkers? Look no further. This coffee mug featuring a well-known tech mantra is sure to put a smile on their face.
  2. Leather Cord Organizer ($6.24): This stocking stuffer is for anyone with a smart phone. Keeping your cords and headphones organized has never looked sleeker.
  3. Mongrammed Leather USB Keychain ($39.00): This keychain allows you to charge your phone and tablets anywhere, anytime! The leather design is minimalist and functional, as well as personal with complimentary monogramming. One thing is for sure: the next time you are on the go, you won’t be stressed when your phone battery is at 10%.
  4. Connected Plant Monitor ($14.95): This gift is a fantastic choice for all of the people in your life who do not have a green thumb. This plant monitor tracks water, light, fertilizer, and temperature. It works with an app, so you’ll never have to question over- or under-watering your favorite plants.

For tech-savvy foodies: 

  1. Brita 20oz Filtered Water Bottle ($29.99): It’s never been easier to have fresh & filtered water everywhere you go. This Brita water bottle comes with a built-in filter to give you great tasting water all day. Choose from a variety of colors in BPA-free plastic or insulated stainless steel.  
  2. Wireless Meat Thermometer ($49.99): Tech meets grill with this Bluetooth cooking gadget. This Bluetooth meat thermometer ensures your cooking creations are never under- or overcooked again. It seamlessly works with an easy-to-use app to monitor the cooking status of your food in real time. 
  3. Electric Fondue Maker ($37.99): This is a fun gift for a food-loving friend in your life who also enjoys hosting! This stainless-steel electric fondue maker is great for chocolate and cheese fondue nights! It includes eight fondue forks, because the more guests the merrier! 
  4. A Very Fancy Charcuterie Board ($39.99): For the hostess with the mostest. This charcuterie board isn’t high tech, but it does offer fine craftsmanship and a sweet nod of appreciation for the chef in your life this holiday season.
  5. On-the-Go Cold Brew Maker ($20): Surprise your favorite cold brew coffee lover with this portable coffee maker! Add the stainless-steel filter to your favorite water bottle and discover delicious year-round cold brew.
  6. "Heated" Ice Cream Scoop ($20): Dessert just got easier. Never struggle to scoop ice cream again with this heat conducting ice cream scoop! 


For kids: 

  1. Hand-Controlled Drone ($34.99): For kids and adults of all ages! This hand-operated drone charges in under an hour providing endless fun for flight tech enthusiasts! 
  2. Cozy Reading Nook ($166.30): Encouraging reading in children is one of the greatest gifts we can give them! This book nook is cozy, functional, and organized. It’s a great gift for the young readers in your life!
  3. Piano Practice Device ($49.99): Give the gift of music with this piano-learning kit! Children learn piano basics with the help of a small piano, an app, and a tablet.
  4. Dash the Robot ($149.95): Dash has proven to be popular with young learners in over 20,000 schools. In fact, we even met with a few kindergarteners who showed us how Dash is teaching them to code! 
  5. Far-Out Space Projector ($21.60): Help kids discover the magic of space with this Planetarium projector by Discovery. They’ll learn about the stars, different galaxies, and planets with this fun, STEM-centered gift! 
  6. Baking Class ($12.19): This book is a perfect way to inspire the love of baking into creative kids. They’ll learn baking basics, like kneading bread, creating cookies, and baking pies. Fantastic for ages 8-12.
  7. A Cookbook for the Budding Chef ($10.99): The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs was awarded as an Amazon Best Book of 2018. Combine this with the children’s baking book and you’ll set your child up for hours of experimentation, art, and delicious problem solving. 




For Fido (or Pet Parents): 

  1. Peep Your Pup ($199): The Furbo dog camera is a must-have for techy pet parents. You can livestream videos of your dog, throw them treats, and receive an app notification when they are barking. The Furbo is compatible with Alexa, and rakes in over 2,400 5-star reviews. 
  2. Pet Monitor with Audio ($39.99): This simpler model will still help you keep tabs on your pets, day or night. This camera offers two-way communication, motion detection, and even night vision.
  3. A Smart Bowl ($46.95): This smart dog food bowl will help ensure you never forget to feed your pooch again! It syncs with your phone so you can monitor you dog’s food and water intake in real time. The bowl will turn red if you’ve put in too much food and green when the amount is just right. 
  4. K9 Activity Tracker ($22.95): Who says activity tracking is just for humans? This bow tie activity monitor keeps tabs on your dog’s exercise goals, and it syncs to an app to make it intuitive and fun. 

For Nostalgic Folks:  

  1. A Timeless Treat ($28.08): This old-fashioned popcorn machine is perfect for any snack aficionado. It doesn’t use oil, which makes it healthy with no greasy clean up. It’s great for college students, health nuts, and anyone in between.
  2. Honey, I Shrunk the Arcade ($12.89): The world’s tiniest arcade Tetris. Need we say more?  
  3. Print Isn't Dead ($79.99): The instant-print cameras are back in full swing, and it’s a trend we’re on board with. While we all may enjoy scrolling through the camera roll on our phones, there is something special about the keepsake of a single, memorable photo.
  4. Skee-Ball ($29.99): This gift will bring both gamers and sports fans back to hours spent at the arcade. The best part? No tokens are needed.

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Skyward IT Services Skyward IT Services Network and Infrastructure Security Specialists

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