Family Access

It's more than just an online report card. It's a whole-child view of progress, intervention, and aspirations.

  • Requires almost no digital skills to use
  • Alerts for attendance, grade thresholds, and missing assignments
  • Parents can register their children, pay fees, and communicate with teachers
  • Course requests and graduation planning
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Parents can be your greatest ally or your staunchest foe. Technology can help you forge a stronger bond with your largest group of stakeholders.

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The parent portal is one of the most valuable tools in a district's edtech arsenal. In this four-part video series, find out how administrators, school PR pros, teachers, and parents can all get more out of it.

Be proactive and transparent


A recent Gallup poll showed that a higher percentage of parents are actively disengaged than engaged with the school their child attends. This is one K-12 leadership challenge that can't wait.

Checking grades online and being able to add lunch money to my grandkids' account online is wonderful. I could not do this until the district started using Skyward.

Patricia Woods, parent, Hallsville ISD, TX

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