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EdTech Playbook: Parent Portals EdTech Playbook: Parent Portals

EdTech Playbook: Parent Portals

Managing Editor

Are you getting the most out of your parent portal?

If not, where are the sticking points? Maybe you're having trouble raising awareness. Maybe the value of the portal is being diluted by inconsistent usage and maintenance. Maybe parents just don't know how they're supposed to be using it. 

A district's commitment to parent engagement is reflected in the amount of time it dedicates to helping parents, teachers, and administrators learn how to use the portal most effectively. Even as the number of districts without parent portals has dwindled to miniscule amounts, many obstacles remain. 

We've done the research, speaking to leaders and learning from districts far and wide to identify which practices are moving the needle. Here's what works for each of the four most important stakeholders in the conversation.



Communication Teams





No matter where you come in, you have a critical part to play in the ongoing quest for a more personalized and effective learning environment. Parent engagement, district transparency, and stronger advocacy throughout your community are all noble goals with positive outcomes for students. Don't underestimate the power of your parent portal.

Are you using Skyward's Family Access as your parent portal? If so, check out the Family Access Toolkit for training videos and additional resources. 


Managing Editor

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