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Save time, reduce costs, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with accuracy and compliance. Take a deeper dive into our ERP solution below.

Highlights include: budgeting, accounting, and payroll for K-12, smarter hiring tools to help you build a high-performing culture, and workflows that make sense.


Hire smarter with data-rich applicant tracking. Manage job openings and position requests. Build a high-performing culture.

Review the product briefs below, or watch a video (2:34) to learn more about how better hiring can affect your culture.

Product Briefs:

Take the guesswork out of budgeting. Implement stronger financial controls to mitigate fraud. Automate those manual workflows.

Invest in the product briefs below, or watch A Tale of Two Requisitions (2:43) to compare common purchasing processes.

Product Briefs:

Manage unique wage plans and payroll scenarios. Track substitute hours online. Prevent overpayment of wages with time tracking.

Take some time with the product briefs below, or watch A Tale of Two Timesheets (1:58) to compare two distinct time tracking processes.

Product Briefs:

Empower employees to manage their own information. Fewer interruptions, more visibility, and higher job satisfaction will follow.

Access the product briefs below, or watch this video (0:50) to learn more about what's available in our employee portal.

Product Briefs:

Stay on top of your supplies. Make sure you're always getting the best deal. Track the value of your assets in real-time.

Our product briefs won't depreciate, so check them out, or watch this one-minute video to learn more about our inventory features.

Product Briefs:

A Better ERP Experience

A Better ERP Experience

Better Experience

We know there are dozens of school business solutions out there for you to choose from. Why should you go with Skyward?

The answer lies in what you find beyond the software. It's in the support network all around you. Your success is our success, after all.

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