Family Access is the front door to parent engagement

"I see [Skyward] as being sort of that front door. If we can get people to walk through that, then we can introduce them to other things going on at the school that will hopefully make their child’s career even better."  Share
Babetta Hemphill
Garland ISD, TX

More than just a software provider

"A combination of good technology, a flexible system, and a partner that's invested in your own interest is absolutely vital to ongoing success. And that is what we have with Skyward."  Share
Debbie Largent
Lewisville ISD, TX

Timesaving data solutions

"Moving to Skyward Custom Forms on the student side has saved our staff hours of data entry."  Share

April Zavisa
Murfreesboro City Schools, TN

Standards-based grading options

"Skyward is our main hub, especially for standards-based grading. It feeds everything we do."  Share

Georgia Omer
Alpine School District, UT

Automated attendance increases communication

"Teachers and parents are communicating much more thanks to Family Access and tardy kiosks. Having that type of relationship is important to student success."  Share

Dawn Mobley
Marion County School District, FL

Outstanding customer service

"We’ve experienced outstanding customer service and support. It doesn’t matter how good your product is if you don’t have someone or something to help you when you need it most."  Share

Travis McGuire
Hinckley-Big Rock Community Unit School District #429, IL

Make data-driven decisions

"Thanks to Skyward, we have empowered people in the organization with the data they need to do their jobs and it’s now available on an as-needed basis."  Share

Deb Haneke
Educational Services and Staff Development Association of Central Kansas, KS

State reporting confidence

"Our confidence in our state reporting numbers are through the roof since we started using Skyward."  Share

Lisa Berry
Alcoa City Schools , TN

Life-changing automation

"The automatic e-mails have been life changing for me. It doesn’t sound like that would be that big of a deal, but when we have almost 2,200 students it saves me a ton of time."  Share

Pam Hensley
Macomb Community Unit School District 185 , IL

The value of intuitive software

"You start to realize the value of intuitive software once you try to replace a previous system ingrained in individuals for 18 years."  Share

Brad Perkins
Dover Area School District , PA

Customize fees for families

"The fee capping and discounting features in Fee Management allowed us to customize for individual families. I don't think we could have done that if those Skyward features weren't available."  Share

Suzy Adams
Burleson Independent School District, TX

District brand shines through

"It’s important to have a vision of what you want to accomplish with technology when it comes to branding and culture...Skyward has ensured that our brand identity and processes remain front and center."  Share

Michael Lawrence
Seminole County Public Schools, FL

Real-time processes

"It's not efficient to send paper back and forth between schools when the same process can be done in real time with Skyward's solutions."  Share

Christopher Wildman
North Shore School District 112, IL

Receptive to requests

"Different vendors try to sell their programs to us, but we have no reason to change. Skyward has addressed all of our needs, and I believe they have been very receptive when we’ve made requests."  Share

Dr. Kerry Parker
Clovis Municipal School District, NM

Skyward technology is the future

"The log-ins for the students is amazing. The emails for the teachers and parents are incredible, too.  I think that’s the future, and I’m always looking for the future."  Share
Greg Johnson
MSD of Washington Township, IN

Leading change in Michigan

"There is a strong and growing network of Skyward districts in Michigan, and many of those have been instrumental in getting the data hub up and running because of Skyward's willingness to invest time and effort into compliance."  Share

Ryan Miller
Portage Public Schools, MI

A streamlined payroll process

"Eliminating timecards has been the biggest savings. We used to print out everyone’s timecards every other week… It used to take a day and a half just to print timecards and then enter the hours. Now, it is a day to completely process payroll."  Share

Char Ruhbeck
Frankfort School District 157C , IL

Online enrollment is a success

"The opening of New Student Online Enrollment was 
a huge success. Our parents were able to complete everything they needed to before coming to school. This allowed our campus administrative and registration staff to spend quality time with parents and students."  Share

Barbara Benzaia
Fort Bend ISD, TX

Well-equipped for ACA

"The Affordable Care Act was intimidating from so many aspects, but components in Skyward such as ACA Utilities, Sub Tracking, True Time, and Data Mining helped reduce our risk and improve our compliance."  Share

Linda Lewis
Escambia County School District, FL

True Time is part of our culture

"True Time is part of the culture here. It’s like using email now. It’s just something they do, and it’s easy for them to do. It’s so convenient."  Share

Vicki Lyons
School District of La Crosse, WI

Improved communication between families and teachers

"Right away parents were communicating more with teachers, which was interesting, because in our old system we didn’t see many logins until grades were due."  Share
Pete Just
MSD of Wayne Township, IN

Seeing a difference in communication

"I have noticed that there has been an increase in communication between myself and parents. They will contact me if they see something concerning with their student's grades."  Share

Samantha Bledsoe
Pekin Community High School District 303, IL

Data we can use

"The tools that are in Skyward really allow me to provide our administrators with information they can act upon."  Share
Scott Herring
Lehigh Career & Technical Institute, PA

Paid for itself

"If you do the math, Skyward pretty much paid for itself in what we saved. To give our employees raises and still be under our payroll from last year is really good."  Share

Nicole Huff
South Central Kansas Special Education Cooperative, KS

ACA tutorials and trainings make a difference

"I would not be making it through the 1095c process if it wasn't for the great people at Skyward. The instructions and trainings have been vital to me. Thank you again!"  Share

Paula Lafean
Highlands School District, PA

Ongoing support is timely and helpful

"I always hear back on questions I submit within a day, and it’s usually within an hour. The support people really know their job and escalate issues as needed without having to be asked."  Share

Nancy Toll
Hudson School District , WI

State reporting is a huge plus

"Skyward is leagues ahead of every other system out there that we are aware of when it comes to state reporting. They are on top of it, always knowing what new requirements will be imposed on the districts."  Share

Lisa Unger
Galesburg School District, IL

ACA trendsetters

"Skyward is a wonderful system and you guys are on top of the Health Care Reform and ACA reporting... We appreciate Skyward being the leader and trendsetter in all of this new chaos."  Share
Darla Wagner
Kingman-Norwich USD 331, KS

Skyward is fast and effective

"I dreaded changing financial systems because it is scary, it is time consuming and all procedures basically need to be redone. In retrospect, I wish we would have switched to Skyward years ago. We are such a better organization with it than we were before."  Share

Cliff Ogborn
Mountain Home School District, ID

Great for rural districts

"We are a small rural district with a small business department. Skyward allows us to efficiently and accurately complete important financial tasks."  Share

David Bell
Cashton School District, WI

All about accountability

"Skyward has provided real-time access to budget balances for all administrators, and therefore greatly helps to maintain accountability."  Share

Thomas English
North Branch Area Schools, MI

Short and sweet

"Much less paper and thus much less errors."  Share

Brian Adesso
Menasha Joint School District, WI

Great implementation experience

"From a personal standpoint, this was one of the smoothest transitions I have experienced. Anytime a problem has arisen, [Skyward staff] have been available and usually have a quick resolution."  Share

Michelle Woods
Hamblen County, TN

Collaboration empowers schools

"We can work together to create more products with district collaboration... Knowing that Skyward was responding to a need we had was a really powerful thing."  Share
John Reiels
Nicolet Union School District, WI

County officials automate and save

"We selected Skyward because of what we see as the benefits from the efficiency. It brought us into the 21st century as far as software goes."  Share
Bill Brittain
Hamblen County, TN

Keeping us compliant

"It has been clear that Skyward stays at the forefront of upcoming state initiatives and federal requirements, such as the Affordable Care Act. This provides us the peace of mind that...we'll stay in compliance with these requirements."  Share

Trent Nuxoll
Clinton CUSD 15, IL

Exceeds our needs

"Behind this entire process is an awesome software company that listens to our issues and exceeds our needs. It’s a testament to Skyward and the reason we switched."  Share

Mary Mitchem
Georgetown ISD, TX

Time off and requisitions

"Skyward's School Business Suite has drastically improved [our] efficiency in the review and approval of time-off requests and requisitions because of the digitization of the process."  Share

Lynn Westhoff
Mahomet-Seymour CUSD 3, IL

Praise for iCon

"Skyward's iCon is a wonderful event... It gives customers a chance to put faces to the names of Skyward staff and to feel more a part of the Skyward family."  Share
Carmen Kizmann
St. Lucie Public Schools, FL

Hitting the target

"Skyward is always on target with their presentations. Learn something new and build on current skills. iCon is always worth the time!"  Share

Joni Seagraves
Citrus County Schools, FL

Going the extra mile

"I'm never left to feel unimportant by support representatives and Skyward always goes the extra mile to assist."  Share

Joe Herrera
Eanes ISD, TX

Something for everyone

"I appreciate that the iCon sessions help all levels - new participants and experts."  Share

Sally Hacker
Center Grove Community School Corp, IN

Skyward organization makes life easier

"We had recently moved to a new campus and our information was everywhere. Every office has to have each student in hundreds of places. Skyward has brought all of that together, in one, making our lives much easier."  Share
Josiane Mikhael
American International School - Riyadh, XX

Ability to create reports is endless

"We have grown to love the Finance and HR programs offered by Skyward. The ability to create reports is virtually endless, so it makes managing our financial ship much easier. We are very glad we moved to Skyward and have never looked back."  Share

Vaughn Sylva
Bartholomew CSC, IN

New users find Skyward easy to learn

"I found [Skyward] to be relatively easy to learn, even after having no training or prior knowledge... Now, having attended the training, I am able to access many more services that I can offer to our students and staff."  Share

Jacki Dunsmore
Roscommon Area Public Schools, MI

Skyward's chat feature is phenomenal

"Skyward helps our district by having phenomenal technical support using the chat feature. It saves a ton of time and is the best I've ever used."  Share

Debbie Dyar-Tapp
Weston School District, WI

Painless conversions with Skyward

"We've experienced conversions with other companies that were painful and disorganized. Skyward conversions were effective and well organized."  Share

Carol Makuski
Waupaca School District, WI

Printing Reports quickly and efficiently

"As a high school Registrar, Skyward allows me to print and create reports quickly and efficiently, from grades to attendance and discipline. It can all be printed in one report within seconds."  Share

Jan Weeks
Jacksonville ISD, TX

No more printing and mailing

"Before Skyward, we were printing somewhere around 2,400 print stubs every two weeks... The cost savings around that entire process have been significant."  Share

Mark McKenzie
Allentown, PA

Professionalism and commitment to their customers

"Skyward's professionalism and commitment to their customers has been consistent and impressive. From sales to project management, we have established relationships that have led to a successful transition."  Share

Kenneth Hanson
Peru CSC, IN

Skyward is a dedicated company, product, and team

"All areas from student enrollment to attendance, discipline to grading, and state reporting can be aligned… If you are looking for a company, product, and team to improve workflow for your student management system, there is none better than Skyward."  Share

Bridgett Abston
MSD of Washington Township, IN

True Time saves money and time

"The TrueTime module saves money by eliminating the need for paper timesheets and saves time by eliminating the need to file those timesheets. No more calculating time by hand, because the system keeps track of it for you."  Share
Shelly Kircher
Little Falls ISD #482, MN

Performing AP tasks with Skyward is organized and easy

"Performing AP tasks with Skyward is organized and easy. It has simplified our processes and made reconciling all accounting seamless and accurate. It also allows quick access to past invoices and payments."  Share

Jana Akagi
Oak Ridge Schools, TN

Getting things done

"There were no loose ends; it was just snapping your fingers and boom, boom, boom, things were done... Our assigned Skyward project manager and the programmers worked like crazy. They were wonderful."  Share

Sue Pike
Deer Park ISD, TX

Support team eases transition

"[Skyward's] support team was the umbrella that protected us at every step, and we couldn’t have done it without them."  Share

Cristian Ionita
Wilson County Schools, TN

Close relationships

"I've developed close friendships [with the customer support team]. They can tell you about any part of the program. I don't know what I'd do without them. "  Share

Teresa Simcox
Elizabethton City Schools, TN

State reporting saves weeks

"[State reporting] used to take me two full weeks working 10-12 hours a day to clean the data and get it ready. With Skyward, the entire process has been reduced down to just a couple of hours."  Share

Jason Murray
Cornwall-Lebanon School District, PA

Skyward saves time when creating student schedules

"The master schedule builder is the best scheduling program I have ever worked with, allowing the high school…for three years in a row to schedule student requests successfully at or above 95%."  Share

Cory Kaisler
Hortonville School Distirct, WI

A better implementation experience

"I am still amazed at what was accomplished in such a short period of time. It was a very positive process and a great move to Skyward."  Share

Roxie Schafer
Garden City USD, KS

Special Education module is time-saving

"It is extremely time-saving to have an integrated system where the information from the Regular Education records can automatically pull into the Special Ed records. We like that we can customize forms and can run reports easily."  Share

Holly Burns
Stevens Point Area School District, WI

Consultant during the conversion process

"The consultant finds out how procedures are currently being done, what works, what doesn't work, and then uses that information to build the program to fit our needs!"  Share

Rita Noel
Prairie View USD 362, KS

Parents are more involved with their child's school work

"With Skyward, parents in our district have become more involved with their child's school work. They find it easy to navigate Family Access, view missing assignments, and connect with teachers about things occurring in the classroom."  Share

Sandra Jantzi
Au-Gres-Sims School District, MI

Students have access to grades and assignments

"With Skyward, students have 24/7 access to all grades and missing assignments. Gone are the days of a student using “I didn’t know” as an excuse!"  Share
Margery Gronlund
Calumet School District, MI

Saving time with Skyward

"In the areas of absence management and substitute payroll processing, not only do I save a lot of time by using Skyward, but I also find the system to be much more user-friendly than other systems."  Share

Char Horsfall
Verona Area School District, WI

Saving time and money with Skyward

"Skyward helps our district by saving us so much time and money. Our department saves 20 hours per week on average using Skyward. We love how user friendly it is and our employees love employee access."  Share

Kelly Hallmark
Verona Area School District, WI

True Time and Time Off save us time

"Skyward has been an amazing asset to our school district. It has streamlined so many processes for our district, thus saving our staff time in many areas. We utilize TrueTime and Time Off and these two modules work incredibly with one another."  Share

Kati Wolfgang
Wamego USD 320, KS

Saving our business office time

"Skyward helps our district save a lot of time for our business office by allowing employees to have access to their personal information, such as payroll, time off, etc…"  Share

Jana Wylie
Henderson ISD, TX

Skyward provides the bridge between school and home

"Our teachers love the online assignments and tests. They now have more time to focus on their students rather than correcting papers...Skyward does it for them!"  Share

Lisa Winterowd
Brainerd ISD 181, MN

Customer Service provided great expertise

"Recently, I worked with Skyward’s customer service. I was provided with great expertise and I saved probably ten hours of work. I really appreciate their assistance and expertise!"  Share

Clinton Huffman
Spring Branch ISD, TX

Skyward makes term-end grading simple

"Skyward has been a tool that has saved us much time and effort, especially in the area of term-end grades. Checkout used to be a nightmare, having to reconcile two different systems, but Skyward's grading processes have made it extremely simple."  Share

Arthur Allen
Fort Bend ISD, TX

Parent buy-in is amazing

"Now when we talk to parents, they ask us if they can put us on hold while they bring up the information on their computer so they can see it as we are talking about it with them."  Share

Jeff Mlsna
Stevens Point Area School District, WI

Fast Track is efficient and convenient

"Online applications. Online Evaluation. No more paper. Skyward's Fast Track Module is efficient and convenient. Streamlining our evaluation of candidates saves us valuable time and money."  Share

Brian Bridwell
Jerome School District 261, ID

It's all about teamwork

"It’s about teamwork, which is how it should be between the vendor and client. We didn’t get there with our former vendor, but in less than two years we are there with Skyward."  Share

Tim Harper
Seminole County Public Schools , FL

Customer is very happy with the Skyward Special Ed module

"We are very happy with the Skyward Special Ed Module... I find myself using it not just for writing IEP's, but for broader data collection features as well. I love it!"  Share

Nick Barone
McHenry CCSD 15, IL

Skyward helps school district with their diverse needs

"The trainers and customer support at Skyward are accessible to us for understanding our diverse needs for as large as we are… Skyward has been focused on the needs of our district for continued service."  Share

Geri Hammer
Peoria Public Schools 150, IL

Transitioning to Skyward is a smooth process

"Skyward has done an amazing job in implementing the software transition. The calendar of training sessions was scheduled in a very effective manner to enable a smooth transition."  Share

Dana Reilly
Hale Area Schools, MI

Skyward simplifies end-of-term tasks

"I use the Attendance and Grade modules most often in my position. Skyward simplifies end-of-term tasks, as the recording, averaging, and generation of report cards is automatic."  Share

Sue Walker
Tonganoxie USD 464, KS

Finance and HR modules make customers' jobs easier

"The simplified process of building reports, creating a budget, running payroll, paying bills, and year-end reporting is a significant improvement for us."  Share

Cheryl Lamunyon
Emmett ISD 221, ID

School district saves money with Employee Access

"We use all aspects of Employee Access and no longer print W2's or pay stubs which helps cut down on processing time and the cost of supplies and postage."  Share

Kathy Kendrick
Olympia CUSD 16, IL

Reach students who struggle to learn

"Skyward has had an immeasurable impact helping us engage our students and parents… Communication is the key to reaching our students that are struggling the most; Skyward has given us the ability to reach even the most troubled learners."  Share

Scott Anthony
CHSD 230, IL

Family Access helps parents stay up-to-date on their child's information

"The most important benefit to using Skward is the immediate access it provides to parents... From paying school meals online, to seeing attendance, grades, and missing assignments, parents have a great overview of how their children are doing."  Share
Vicki Lyons
La Crosse, WI

The conversion to Skyward was an easy process

"The conversion from our previous software provider to Skyward was a simple process and we could not be more satisfied with Skyward. Skyward is so easy to navigate and the training that we were offered proved to be phenomenal."  Share

Judi Keigher
Community HSD 218, IL

Time and money saved

"Had I have known the time that it would save me each year in setting up contracts and pay records for the staff I would have begun using it much sooner. I wholeheartedly recommend this product."  Share

Connie Sutton
Pekin Public School District 108, IL

State-specific support

"The onsite support we received was excellent. The folks we are working with have a really good grasp of what Pennsylvania special education is all about. "  Share

Ginger Thompson
Central Fulton School District, PA

Parents and students are excited by the Family Access portal

"Our parents are thrilled with the Family Access portal for keeping track of student assignments, attendance and discipline. After they realized the power of knowing their grades on real-time basis, the students were equally hooked."  Share

Amy Campbell
Centennial School District, PA

Fewer dedicated district staff

"We are able to operate with fewer administrative employees than other districts. Most require approximately five to six systems to accomplish what we do with just one."  Share

Rick Bates
Rapid City Area Schools, SD

Growing and improving together

"Over the years, Skyward and [our district] have formed a collaborative relationship... We are proud of the role we have played in helping to make Skyward such a comprehensive and robust solution."  Share

Dr. Timothy Mitchell
Rapid City Area Schools, SD

Project management steps up

"The project manager for both conversions was absolutely great. Any concern that we brought up was her concern."  Share

Harris Jacobs
Lake County School District, FL

No PhD Needed

"With our old system, you practically needed an advanced degree to produce reports... But with Skyward, reports that once took hours to produce will now take seconds."  Share
Dr. Daniel Fishbein
Ridgewood Public Schools, NJ

Statewide and consortium success

"Skyward has extensive experience working with other consortiums, Washington State being the largest, so we were confident that they had the expertise to truly understand our business and our requirements."  Share

Candy Garcia

Paperless payrolls are amazing

"In the past, just prior to each payday, we had to print out the statements, collate them, and send them out to the schools. Today, the entire process is paperless."  Share

Cindy Nagasawa-Cruz
Jordan School District, UT

Access to Skyward at home

"One of the things that attracted us most to Skyward was the fact that it was web-based. It was very important to us because we want teachers to have access to their gradebook, their online lesson plans, and so forth, at home."  Share
Johanna Whitley
Anderson County , TN

A partner in every sense

"Skyward looks at the challenges districts face and finds ways to ease the burdens or eliminate them altogether. They not only listen to us, but they try to achieve any outcomes we seek. "  Share

Jeff Edmonds
Oak Ridge Schools, TN

The effect of better analytics

"Our end goal - and we're sure we'll get there with Skyward - is to be able to analyze how a group of students will perform with a particular teacher so each student can get the absolute best education."  Share

Jeff Edmonds
Oak Ridge Schools, TN

A truly likable team

"I haven't met anyone at Skyward I didn't like. They are genuinely interested and concerned, and ready to listen to anything we have to say."  Share

Michael Heaps
Jordan School District, UT

Texas user group

"We were extremely impressed with Skyward. The Texas Branch Manager for Skyward knew all of the attendees by their first names; you could tell they had a very strong relationship, and we really felt like we were part of a family."  Share

Lyle DuBus
Grand Prairie ISD, TX

Exceeding expectations

"Even though I have been a Skyward customer in various districts for over a decade and have always had good customer service, what I experienced has exceeded any expectation I could have had."  Share

Scot Ecker
Muskego-Norway School District, WI

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