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**Note: Registration closes one business day prior to the start of the webinar. Please email for late registrations.
All times listed are Central Time.


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Q: Registration is closed – can I still register?

A: Late registrations are not a problem! Just email with the name of your school district and the name and date of the webinar you would like to attend.

Q: I’m a Skyward contact – how do I register?

A: Go to, find the session you are interested in, and click “Register.”  This will take you to a new login page.  Select the first radio button labeled “I am a Skyward Support Contact” and enter your login and password.

Q: I’m not a Skyward contact – how do I register?

A: Go to, find the session you are interested in, and click “Register.” This will take you to a new login page.  Select the second radio button labeled “I am a Skyward Customer/User” and find your district in the drop-down list. Enter the login and password that you would use to access your school’s Skyward database. 

Q: I can’t find my district on the drop-down list?

A: Sorry! Your district has not turned on SkyConnect, which is what we use to get non-Skyward contact users to register for Skyward Academy webinars.  You have a couple of options:
  1. Ask one of your Skyward support contacts to sign you up.  They would register as usual and overwrite the prefilled “Attending Student” name.
  2. Ask your tech department to turn on SkyConnect so that non-Skyward contacts at the district can register for webinars without having to register as a Support Contact. 

    To turn on SkyConnect, first work with your school’s technical staff using the information found here. If anyone has any questions, a Skyward IT service call would be the quickest way to a resolution.

    After SkyConnect has been turned on, an authorized user will need to turn on the Skyward support authorization option in your database using these steps:
    1. Navigate to Product Setup > Skyward Contact Access > District Setup Group > Configuration > Skyward Support Authorization.
    2. Check the option to “Allow Skyward Support Authorization.”
    3. A process will run in the print queue and will say "complete" when finished.

Q: Why can’t I register for a State & Federal Reporting webinar?

A: Some State & Federal Reporting webinars do not require registration. Log on by clicking the “Join” link up to 30 min prior to the time of the webinar. The password needed is contained in the description of the webinar on

Q: How do I join the webinar I am signed up to attend?

A: Email invitations with a link to the WebEx login page and event password will be emailed to registrants one business day prior to the scheduled webinar. If you have not received the email by the morning of the webinar, check your spam/junk folders. Please make sure has been whitelisted on your mail server. If you have not received the email invitation, you can always email for assistance.

Q: My webinar has started and I can’t hear anything! What should I do?

A: Here are a few troubleshooting suggestions:
  • Webinars are presented via VoIP.  Ensure that your computer’s speakers are unmuted and the volume is turned up.
  • Once in the session and the instructor begins the conference, a popup will appear asking you to “Join This Integrated Voice Conference.”  Make sure to click “Yes.”
  • A popup may ask you to download an application from WebEx. Please note that this is a necessity before you can join the session.  There is an alternative option to temporarily run the application should you choose not to download it.
  • If you are still having issues, try logging out/closing all internet windows and logging back in.
  • Lastly, there are minimum system requirements for browsers.  If you are not successful with one browser, try a different one.  We’ve had proven success with the Chrome and FireFox.  Please make sure you are on the latest version.
  • The list of minimum system requirements can be found here:
  • Plug-ins must be enabled in the browser.
  • Firewall must not block access to WebEx.

*Please note that the presenter may not be available to assist individuals having issues – don’t hesitate to reach out to for assistance.

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