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Using data, you can propel your district forward and secure valuable funding. But while the stakes of reporting are high, your stress levels don’t have to be.

Skyward’s Qmlativ Education Management System was built with our district partners in mind. That means a simpler, faster reporting process that empowers you with greater flexibility, customization, and automation.

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"With our old system, you practically needed an advanced degree to produce
reports . . . But with Skyward, reports that once took hours to produce will
now take seconds."

– Daniel, superintendent


Your reporting, your way

With Qmlativ, you'll experience:


  • Report on virtually any field.
  • Build your own reports—based on information collected in online forms, using data mining, or by modifying a canned report.
  • Switch between multiple views.


  • Instead of creating or running a report, add or remove columns in a browse, filter the data, and save your new view.
  • Send the data from multiple browses directly to the report designer. Then, customize the data to create a report that meets your needs.
  • Grant view-only security access to custom reports so you don’t have to worry that reports will be overwritten by another user.

  • Your system will know who’s running the report and show you information specific to you.
  • Report on calculations that are in the system by default. Don't waste time creating the calculated field yourself!
  • Schedule reports to run and be delivered at a desired interval.


"I truly love the reporting capabilities in Qmlativ."

– Beverly, PEIMS coordinator


Worry-free compliance

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Aligned with popular interoperability and data standards—including Ed-Fi, SIF, and ADT—Qmlativ streamlines state reporting submissions and ensures your district has greater control over your data and reporting.

Built-in reports and safeguards remove the burden of staying compliant. You’ll also have a dedicated team of specialists monitoring the guidelines in your state, so you can stay ahead of any changes.

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