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Time Tracking

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Electronic clock-in, submission, and approval. Reduce the overpayment of wages. Stay compliant with the ACA.

Time Tracking
Clock in online, swipe a badge, or even use your phone
Payroll entries automatically generated from approved timesheets
Different pay codes for different jobs under one login
Track breaks, lunches, and future out-of-office records
FLSA compliant

1) Toss those Paper Timesheets

With TrueTime, you can put the ownership of time tracking back on your employees and stop worrying about manual entry of hours worked. Supervisors can verify time entries online and make sure actual hours match up with an individual's schedule. Once a timesheet is approved, it's automatically available in payroll. 

2) Make it Your Own

TrueTime is designed to work for you no matter how you track employees' time. Use straight hours, annualized salaries, or both. Track and create comp time records, set up automatic lunches, and keep an eye on weekly or daily overtime. Set up guaranteed hours for certain pay codes and round clock ins and outs to the nearest 15 minutes. 

The best part is, you and your team will be able to clock in or out from our mobile app, using a touchscreen timeclock, or on the web. 

3) Stay on the Right Side of the ACA

Even a small discrepancy in hours worked can have a big impact on keeping you compliant with the ACA. TrueTime's detailed tracking and approval process takes the guesswork out of timesheets and ensures that your staff is being paid for the hours they're actually working. That level of accuracy will save you thousands. 

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