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More than just paychecks. Flexible and paperless. Designed to fit even the most complex wage plans.

Full or partial direct deposits
Eliminate the need to process time sheets by hand
Vary deductions and benefits by specific pay record
Print your own W2s
State and federal reporting for retirement

1) More than Paychecks

If there's one thing you need to get right every time, it's employee paychecks. We've made it easy to distribute wages through direct deposit or an actual check. Track employee contract amounts, record time off, coordinate flex plans, and report on retirement. 

2) Enjoy the Flexibility

No matter how your internal processes work, we've got you covered. Add unlimited benefit and deduction types. You can even add time off balances to paychecks so employees always know exactly how much they have available. 

3) Multiple Rates for Multiple Hats

Payroll worksheets make it easy to handle more than one pay rate, account, and deduction type for a given employee on the same payroll run. This means worry-free payments for support staff, and anyone else who might wear more than one hat in your municipality. Stop duplicating efforts and start trusting that every payroll will get out on time with minimal effort.


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