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ACA Compliance

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Employee ACA status is always visible. Accurate 1094/1095 submissions. Step-by-step resources to get you through confusing and changing requirements.

ACA Compliance
Safe harbor, offer of coverage, and dependents
Monitor hours worked thresholds
Can be used with multiple timekeeping and insurance tracking setups
Changes to requirements are automatically reflected in software updates
Avoid steep penalties

1) Don't Settle for Bolt-Ons

There's a difference between tacking on new requirements and embedding them deep into the logic of your HR solution. Our ACA monitoring, analysis, and reporting features are tightly enmeshed in all of the related employee areas, so you don't have to change the routine of where you go to find information. 

2) Software is Not Enough

We know you don't have the manpower to stay on top of every IRS update, so we'll take care of that for you. Our ACA support resources detailed tutorials and webinars to walk you through every step of the process, so your team can make the leap from cautious to confident. 


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