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Automated invoices. Graphical status indicators. Built-in safeguards against fraud and human error.

Enter, approve, or deny online
Warning messages or hard-stops if budget is exceeded
Automatic encumbrance adjustment
Create PO groups to simplify approval
Easy document attachment for receipts, quotes, or contracts

1) Stay Within Budget

For starters, you'll free up dollars by reducing paper waste, but there's more to it than that. With Skyward's PO processing, you'll have the secure, site-based management you need to make shopping easy for your staff while also making sure all purchases fit your inventory needs and budgetary constraints.

2) A Smooth PO Process

Add as many approval levels as you need - the entire process will be automated and each approving supervisor can review a request before pushing it up to the next level, even from their cell phone. Set up email notifications or alerts so your staff can be notified when requisitions are pending, approved, denied, or received. Just think of how much time you could be saving.


3) Work Hand-in-Hand with Accounts Payable

When items have been approved for purchase, your POs can be received online and transfered directly to accounts payable. That's efficient purchasing. Invoice details can be created automatically from a PO, so you won't have to worry about duplicate entry or inaccuracy. You'll be able to identify which items have been received and which are still en route. 


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