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General Ledger

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Stop relying on batch processes and overnight updates. Imagine a GL that reflects real-time and accurate information. Grab the data you need in seconds.

General Ledger
Unlimited historical account activity
State-specific chart of accounts
Compliant with GAAP
Summary reports for expenses, revenues, and balance sheets
Verification of funds

1) Be Confident in the Accuracy of Your Accounts

Your General Ledger is the heart of your financial management system. It's the one place you can go to get the total picture of your municipality's fiscal performance. For something this important, you want to be confident that your numbers are accurate. Built-in audit trails make it easy to identify errors when balances don't match up.

2) Easy Access to Account History

Keep historic account information at your fingertips. Now, whenever a question comes up about an old transaction, you'll be able to pull up all the pertinent details right when you need them. Review multiple years and individual transactions, or look at a higher level summary of bulk transactions. 

3) Stay Secure with Site-Based Management

Site- or department-based account management helps you rest easy knowing your financials are secure. Customize accounts by size or department with account-level descriptions and assign parameters to ensure transactions are entered against valid accounts. It's a series of checks and balances that ultimately reduces rework and improves accountability.


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