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Multiple scenarios and forecasting tools. Built-in state reports and e-files. Real-time information.

Printable budget worksheets
Secure access by site or department
Budget up to 7 years in advance
Define your own reports based on local requirements

1) Add a Layer of Transparency

Your stakeholders are more likely to support budgetary decisions when you can share the thought processes behind them. We make it easy for you to forecast, plan, and enter your budget alongside unlimited scenarios and previous budgets. Now you can have real conversations about how you arrived at the final product.

2) Look Back, Look Forward

Whether you're reviewing past budget history or making predictions about the future, you'll have the tools you need to help drive your decisions. Because Budgeting is tied closely to your other financial and HR management tools, such as Salary Negotiations and Activity Accounting, you can be confident that you're always looking at up-to-date numbers. 


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