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Accounts Payable

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Spend less time processing. Stop entering numbers twice. Enjoy automatic approval notifications.

Accounts Payable
PO information autopopulates into invoices
Code by regular, wire transfer, hold, single check, manual, pay
Generate fixed asset records from invoices
Automatic encumbrance adjustment
Easily void and re-issue checks
Create recurring invoices for regular monthly bills

1) Procurement to Payment

On a typical day, you've got invoices coming in from a variety of different vendors in a variety of different formats. We'll help you eliminate the time-consuming process of poring through stacks of invoices and searching for missing files, so you can assign your staff to more valuable pursuits.

2) Improve Workflows

Enter your PO number and you're ready to create your invoice with all the correct receiving information. It's just one more way you can work quicker and more accurately with Skyward. Handle expense reimbursements, approve invoices, and take care of your credit card reconciliation. Automatic notifications will alert your business manager when an invoice needs approval.


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