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Follow along from ordering through depletion. Enjoy real-time stock updates. Get notified when items are running low.

Order at one price and stock at another
Built-in reporting so you can make informed decisions
Set your own thresholds for alerts and notifications

1) We'll Tell You When You Need to Reorder

The days of trying to keep up with stock balances are over. With Skyward, all of your transactions are recorded in real-time and automatic notifications can be set up at the threshold of your choosing. 

2) Supports Multiple Warehouses and Requisitions

Inventory management used to be a challenge for those municipalities with multiple warehouses and requisition processes. Not anymore. We'll make it easy for you to store and transfer items between an unlimited number of locations and report on each building separately.

3) Talks to Your Finance System

Whenever duplicate data is entered, the potential for costly errors rises. Our Municipality Management Suite is designed to remove that problem from the equation. Every time an item is purchased and received, your expense account and general ledger are automatically updated. Inventory data can be shared with accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, and bid management.


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