Asset Management

With Skyward's Municipality Management Suite, you will know where your assets are located, how much they're worth, and when it's time to resupply. Accurate counts and real-time numbers will help with budgeting while preventing shortages.



Fixed Assets

Know the status of all your assets. Make life easier on yourself during audits. Simulate depreciation without resorting to a calculator.
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Follow along from ordering through depletion. Enjoy real-time stock updates. Get notified when items are running low.
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What are the benefits?

Always know where your resources are


Get notified when supplies are running low


Consolidate various tracking systems into one ERP solution



Ready to move away from spreadsheets and manual calculations?

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Position control and ACA compliance

Human Resources

AP, AR, purchasing, and budgeting

Fiscal Management

Web-based payroll and electronic time tracking

Payroll & Timeclock

Surveys, expense reimbursements, and visibility

Employee Portal
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