Student-centric scheduling. Helps counselors meet student needs. Works in conjunction with teacher recommendations.

  • Students and parents can request courses together
  • Great for long-term career planning
  • Relieve some of the burden on your counselors
  • Give students ownership of their learning
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Cut the red tape


See how easy it is for parents to request courses in Skyward.

Watch: Course Request Power-Up

Reduce errors


When students make requests during scheduling season, it saves everyone time and reduces errors from manual processes. This district explains how.

Cultivate life skills


Students who make course requests must take ownership of their schedules, build accountability, and manage their own academic goals. 

It just couldn’t be any better. I mean the hours and hours of working nights, sometimes staying up until midnight entering requests in the past... It’s just a major timesaver, it’s unbelievable.

Teresa Simcox, student information and data analyst, Elizabethton City Schools, TN

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