Teacher Access

Teacher Access

A self-contained teacher portal with one-click insights, live alerts, and simple gradebook navigation.

  • Live tiles feature a real-time look at the numbers you care about
  • Chart tiles provide data visualization right on the dashboard
  • Personalize, design, and own your screens
  • Featuring attendance, behavior tracking, messaging, gradebook, and more
  • One-click access to where you need to be
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See it in action! Here are some of the ways Skyward can make it easier for you to communicate with parents, cut down on non-instructional time, and get to where you need to be.

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Lean on great teachers


Keep teachers from outgrowing the classroom by making creative investments in their career paths.

Stay compliant


Limit teacher access in your student information system to those who really need it.

Teachers have access to all their students' common assessment scores, academic progress, and demographic information, so they can truly personalize learning for their students.

Nancy Toll, instructional technology coordinator, Hudson School District, WI

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Communication, alerts, and notifications

Message Center

Absences and tardies


Discipline, actions, and referrals

Behavior Tracking

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