Free up instructional time, explore new approaches, and identify actionable trends.

  • Custom seating charts and student pictures make it easy for teachers to learn who's who
  • Real-time student counts by district, building, or classroom
  • Parents will receive notifications when classes are missed
  • Design your own messages and attendance intervention letters
  • Dashboard includes visualization of attendance trends by student, school, or district
  • Maximize funding by ensuring accuracy
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Student incentives or parental penalties? Which strategies have proven most effective, and which are better left untouched?

Combat chronic absenteeism


Enlist parents in the quest to keep kids present and engaged in learning.

Improve transparency for all


Get a sneak peek at how students will use Skyward to stay on top of their attendance history. Because accountability starts with awareness.

Watch: Attendance History Power-Up

Attendance taking with Skyward is easier than in any other software we have used. It is very easy to audit each six weeks of attendance and correct any discrepancies found.

Sue Pike, technology coordinator, Deer Park ISD, TX

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