Electronic clock-in, submission, and approval. Reduce the overpayment of wages. Stay compliant with the ACA.

  • Clock in online, swipe a badge, or even use your phone
  • Payroll entries automatically generated from approved timesheets
  • Different pay codes for different jobs under one login
  • Track breaks, lunches, and future out-of-office records
  • FLSA compliant
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Strengthen internal controls


Electronic timekeeping seems like a no-brainer, but many districts are still relying on paper timesheets, despite the inherent risk. 

Improve timekeeping accuracy


We stopped in to see how automated time clocks have transformed one district's payroll office, and we couldn't resist a trip to the National Mustard Museum.

Watch: On the Road in Middleton, WI

Minimize risk


Take back control of timekeeping and eliminate the small risks that add up to big costs.

[Time Tracking] has helped bring our payroll processing down to about half a day. It is quick, easy, and keeps managers on top of the hours that employees are working.

Chad Trowbridge, business manager, Chippewa Falls School District, WI

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Automation, direct deposit, and performance


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