Position Budgeting

Improve transparency with "what-if" scenarios. See how costs impact your bottom line. It's the biggest chunk of your budget - don't leave anything to chance.

  • Save time with electronic preparation
  • Organize employees into negotiation groups
  • Automate salary matrix calculations
  • At-a-glance assignment details, FTE counts, hourly rate, and more
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Simplify your budgeting process


As your budget begins to take shape for the upcoming fiscal year, take a moment to consider the process.

Improve transparency


Finances can be complicated, but savvy school business leaders are using design to present information in a way that makes sense to everyone.

From employee addresses to hourly wages, annual salary, credits, time off, to budgeting and state reporting - without Skyward, we would not be able to monitor and document all of this important information as easily.

Susan Frank, business manager, Three Lakes School District, WI

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