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Custom Forms

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Survey your staff. Improve your onboarding experience. Obtain the information you need without interoffice envelopes.

Custom Forms
Personalize forms with your branding
Send out surveys or event sign-ups
Set up virtual signatures for acknowledgement

I started using online/custom forms for our training programs and it's been so helpful. By tracking this in Skyward, I was able to see who had completed the training and follow up with those who had not yet started to ensure 100% completion.

Darlene Unertl, HR/Finance Supervisor
Mosinee School District, WI

1) An Easier Way to Collect Information

Whether you're trying to determine how many employees will be attending an upcoming event or asking for feedback on your faculty lounge, you'll be able to do it better with Custom Forms. Employees will be able to see when there are new forms awaiting completion and you can track responses without having to wait for hardcopy sheets to get back to you. 

2) Painless Onboarding

New hire paperwork is the last thing you want your new hires to be stressed about. What form gets sent where? Who needs to sign this one? What's the address for the HR office again? With custom forms, you can put everything in one place. Now, the only thing your newest employees have to do is look for the "submit" button when they're finished filling out the forms (it's easy to find - we promise).  

3) So Many Practical Applications

Many of the districts we work with have found innovative ways to use custom forms as an upgrade to existing processes. From tracking internal training courses to identifying benefit changes, the simple act of moving paper processes online can improve communication between the central office and district employees. It's just one small step in the move to a more collaborative culture.


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