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Know Your Skyward Training Options

John Jennings
John Jennings - Digital & Social Media Manager

As we continue to expand our training and development offerings, it is increasingly important to identify and differentiate the options at your disposal. Here’s a quick rundown of where to turn when you need more knowledge.


1) Your Internal Skyward Support Network

We’re more than happy to help, but many times your best resource for training and troubleshooting is much closer to home. Many of the schools and districts we partner with have a strong internal training program and actually prefer to handle things in-house whenever possible. Before you call us, it’s usually best to reach out to your technology office first. 


2) Professional Development Center

Here lies the ultimate resource for just-in-time refresher courses, advanced mastery lessons, and even certification as a Skyward module expert. If you have not yet signed up for the PDC, we can’t recommend it enough. The PDC is designed for all Skyward users, regardless of role, and includes self-paced courses and walkthroughs with a knowledge check at the end of each section to ensure maximum retention.
The PDC is popular as a reference and refresher tool for existing staff, as well as a great way to bring new employees up to speed in a hurry. Those internal Skyward training teams we spoke about in the last section will benefit from the rigorous, mastery level courses that take your practical Skyward knowledge to a whole new level. If that’s not enough, our “bootcamp” certification courses will get Skyward power users up to the same level of expertise that we expect from our internal support specialists. It certainly doesn’t hurt that those certifications are valuable resume-builders as well.
To learn more about unlocking the PDC for your district, contact us here. Want to give it a test drive first? Try the Demographics Quick Start course or the Budgetary Data Mining course for free! Visit our Support Center for more info (Customer Support -> Training -> Professional Development Center).


3) Skyward Academy

The Academy represents our newest training offering dozens of sessions every month dedicated to improving your knowledge of common processes and appropriately-timed themes. These brief sessions are typically in the 1-3 hour range and should be used as a resource to help you become more efficient with all the things you already know how to do.
See a course you’re interested in but can’t make it this month? The sessions will be recorded and made available in SkyDoc under the Skyward Academy path. Please allow approximately two weeks for the recordings to be processed and posted.
**New – State & Federal Reporting has found a home at the Skyward Academy! 

Want to see the Academy for yourself? Click the button below. 


4) Training Center / SkyDoc

The Training Center is a little-known library of in-depth recorded sessions for a wide range of modules. To access this gem of a resource, simply search for the term “Training Center” from within SkyDoc and click on the feature you would like to explore. Many of the subtopics include days and even weeks worth of content.
Do-it-yourselfers will also appreciate SkyDoc’s step-by-step tutorials on nearly every Skyward process. If you are a visual learner or just like to reference notes while you’re working, SkyDoc is the destination for you. 


5) Website Resources

We've built up quite a wide variety of public training and support materials right here on the website. Here's a quick primer to help you find what you're looking for:

Quick Hits

Check out our Quick Hits video library for 2:00-or-less highlights designed to help leaders and learners in just about every role, from superintendents to teachers. 


Family Access Toolkit

If you ever have questions about the administrator or teacher sides of Family Access, or want to share learning opportunities with the students and parents in your district, there's no better destination than the Family Access Toolkit. Here you'll find our 60-Second Power-Up video series, alongside a library of downloadable resources.


ACA Support Portal

Attention HR teams: Here's everything you need to know about how Skyward can keep you compliant with the ACA. From video walkthroughs to a detailed processing manual, we'll be right there with you, every step of the way.


6) iCon / User Groups

If you value one-on-one face time with Skyward staff or want to hear best practices from more experienced Skyward users with similar job responsibilities, these conferences are the place for you. Click here to see what's coming up near you.
We could describe the benefits of these venues in this post, but we’ve already done that much more eloquently elsewhere. Check out our two most recent recaps here:
iCon 2016 Storify
My First User Group (Blog)


7) On-Demand Training

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, we can usually fill on-site and webinar training requests, pending availability of trainers based on our implementation schedule. Visit our Support Center and navigate to Customer Support -> Training -> Request Skyward Training. Make sure to include as much information as possible about who needs to be trained and when so we can prepare accordingly.

No matter how you choose to boost your Skyward knowledge, we appreciate your dedication to continuous improvement and will do everything we can to support you in those efforts.



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