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An Intro to Single Sign On Security

Find out how single sign on works as a security feature, in addition to saving time for students, teachers, K12 administrators, and staff.

Video Edtech Playbook: When Is It Time for a New SIS?

When is it time for a new SIS? When the red flags keep adding up and you are no longer on the cutting edge. Take a look to see where your district stands.

Security Drill: 3 Threats to Watch For

Security is paramount in school districts and their expanding networks. Watch for these three threats and keep yourself safe.

Future-Proof Record Retention

As technology grows and changes, data retention seems complicated. Keep the basics in mind to form a solid strategy.

Beware These 5 Threats During COVID-19

Hackers don't let up, even for emergencies. Protect your network, be careful transferring files, beware surveys and prize offers, and model security to students.

FERPA and Your Student Information System

FERPA protects student data by specifying who can legally see it. Learn how your SIS follows that guideline.


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