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Lauren Gilchrist Lauren Gilchrist Blogger, Traveler, and Video Talent
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Lauren enjoys visiting school districts and spreading the word about creative, non-traditional approaches to universal challenges. Follow her for on-the-scene education journalism (with a little fun sprinkled in). 

Lauren Gilchrist

AK12 logoRecent Articles by Lauren Gilchrist

The Great Homework Debate
Could “the dog ate my homework” someday be retired? Let’s look at both sides of this debated topic. by Lauren Gilchrist
On the Road with Lauren: Cranberry Science and a Splash of Red
We traveled to Central Wisconsin to join a Splash of Red cranberry tour, led by students in the only cranberry science class in the country. by Lauren Gilchrist
On the Road with Lauren: Race Cars Meet High School
At Ashwaubenon High School, students are trading lectures and laptops for the chance to design, build, and race their own cars. by Lauren Gilchrist
Teaching our Teachers: The Value of Teacher Mentorship
We sat down with a veteran teacher to talk about the crucial role mentorship plays in an educator’s success. by Lauren Gilchrist
7 Things You Don’t Have to Print This Year
Which processes can you shift online to move closer to a paperless office? Here are 7 ideas to consider. by Lauren Gilchrist
Empowering Students with UX Classroom Design
Studies show classroom design affects student learning. Why get students involved in the process? And how? by Lauren Gilchrist
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Skyward InsiderRecent Articles by Lauren Gilchrist

Eight Budgeting Tools in Qmlativ
When it comes to budgeting, make Skyward do the heavy lifting for you! by Lauren Gilchrist
Skyward FAQs: What Can Skyward Help With?
In this article, we aim to address some of the most frequently asked questions regarding what Skyward can and cannot help your district with. by Lauren Gilchrist
A Day in the Life of a Qmlativ Migration Project Manager
Let us introduce you to our Qmlativ migration project managers. If your district will be making the switch from SMS 2.0 to Qmlativ, these experts will be your partners and guides, helping make your transition as smooth as possible. Check out the video! by Lauren Gilchrist
Qmlativ Spotlight: Simplified Open Enrollment
If you use Skyward’s Benefit Management Open Enrollment solution, we have exciting news for you: a new-and-improved version is here! by Lauren Gilchrist
Decoding Skyward Lingo
Do you hear words tossed around like PDC, Toolkit, Qmlativ, or User Research Panel and don’t know what they mean? We’ve got you covered! by Lauren Gilchrist
On the Road with Lauren: How a Door County High School Is Putting Jobs Back in the Community
Go on the road to Door County and see how Sevastopol’s high school machining program is benefiting both Door County students and the community. Check out the video! by Lauren Gilchrist
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