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We Need You to Fight Ransomware in K12 Schools

Skyward security expert Mike Bianco, CISSP, breaks down the timeline of action before, during, and after a ransomware attack on K12 schools.

Simplify Audits with View-Only Users Accounts

When it's time to be audited, consider the option of creating a read-only account for your auditor.

Using Multifactor Authentication

Learn why MFA is so important for school districts looking to avoid data hacks and ransomware.

Define a Term: Student Information System

Advancing K12 brings you the latest insight into K12 school culture, leadership, edtech, data security, and more. Learn about student information systems (SIS).

How Does Cloud Hosting Keep Your Data Safe?

Check out the pros and cons of cloud hosting and data storage.

Not New in 2022: Ransomware Threats



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