Quiz: Are You an Edtech Innovator? Quiz: Are You an Edtech Innovator?

Quiz: Are You an Edtech Innovator?

by Lindsey Canny
Lindsey Canny Lindsey Canny Edtech Thought Leader
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Do you have what it takes to innovate when it comes to edtech in your district?

Do new devices, apps, and programs feel like a galaxy of opportunities, or do they look like alien artifacts?

Take this quiz to find out whether you boldly go through the edtech universe or if you’re still stuck on the ground.

  1. The district is looking to purchase new classroom tech to install in each building. How much teacher input goes into this decision?

  2. You walk through your district's high school and see both kids and staff inside the classrooms using their phones. Your first reaction is:

  3. AI Chatbots are sweeping the nation (and your school district.) Thoughts??

  4. Edtech always moves at lightning pace, and your district has the opportunity to be part of a pilot program for a virtual reality learning experience. Are you in?

  5. With all of this technology, how confident are you in your staff’s, students’, and parents’ digital citizenship and security knowledge?

  6. Finish this sentence: Trying to get all of our programs and software to work seamlessly with one another is…

How did you do?

Mostly As: You’re a technology comet — it’s really rare to get you to come around to anything new, and so you wind up drifting in the cold. Find out what tech is helping other districts thrive, get staff and student input, and just say yes.

Mostly Bs: You’re a technology nebula. You may want to get your district started with edtech innovation, but sometimes it’s difficult to get everything to come together long enough to become a star. Keep working to step outside of that comfort zone so your district can shine as bright as possible!

Mostly Cs: You’re a technology superstar! You know how to maintain the right balance of open-mindedness and curiosity when it comes to edtech innovation, but you also know the value of a little caution and care. Keep shining, rockstar!

Mostly Ds: You’re a technology supernova. It’s refreshing to see a district so fired up to be on the leading edge of new-and-now edtech, but it’s important to keep a critical eye on any brand-new tech development so you don’t get burned by being overeager.


Lindsey Canny Lindsey Canny Edtech Thought Leader
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