Using Technology to Inform + Engage: Districts to Learn From

If your students, families, and employees had more options, would they still choose you? Take a lesson from the districts who already know the answer to that question because of their powerful online identities.



By building your district’s online presence through technology, you can:

Encourage ongoing engagement from students, employees, and parents

Stand Out
Stand out to your community

High Performing
Communicate a strong culture of performance and success


Learn how to engage better with these resources:



10 School District Websites to Learn From:
Your website is the first place the community turns to for finding information about the district. Learn the moves to make from 10 districts doing it right:

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89 percent of parents get information from newsletters, emails, or general notices
- National Center of Education Statistics July 2020




8 Social Media Accounts to Learn From
Building a social media presence keeps brand messaging in your own hands. See how eight different districts are managing the conversation online:

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93 percent of schools worldwide use Facebook for marketing, and 50 percent of schools use Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube
- Statista, January 2021




10 Districts Leading the Way in Video
Videos offer viewers a way to peek into your community’s day-to-day life and culture. Check out how 10 districts are using video to make their schools shine:

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92 percent of internet users watch some kind of video content online each week
- Kepios Pte., Ltd January 2021




Garland ISD: Community Relations and Parent Communication
Garland ISD uses their SIS to connect quickly and closely with parents and students every day, upping district-wide engagement. Take a closer look to see how your SIS can do the same:

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56 percent of parents reported being “very satisfied" with the way the school interacts with parents
- National Center of Education Statistics July 2020


Want to improve your district's digital image? Dig deeper with these resources:

The school district marketing plan: How Marketing Can Tip the Scales In Your Favor

Web Playbook
District website playbook video series: Four Steps to Accurately Represent Your Mission

10 Districts With Awesome Brands

Success Story
Success story: How One District Strengthened Its Brand to Stand Out From the Competition


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