The Self-Fulfilling School Culture
What can Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers teach us about school culture and the role it plays in transforming districts from fallback to destination?

Uncover three steps to more qualified applicants in this article

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Self-fulfilling school culture

The Statistics
The numbers are clear - one of the most important things you can do as a leader is identify, attract, and retain your high performers.



The Challenge
An organization without high performers is an organization without a bright future. When you combine the budget ramifications of turnover with the spiraling stagnation of underperformance, students are left to bear the brunt of the consequences. 



The New Hire
High-performers are at the heart of every successful organization. But have you built the kind of culture needed to attract and retain the very best talent? Follow one educator's journey from graduation through administration.


The 3 Places Your Candidates are Looking
Job seekers are doing the bulk of their research online before reaching the application stage. What does your digital presence say about your commitment to top-quality candidates? 

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The New Workforce

The School Culture Survey Template
Need a starting point? Want to take the pulse of your district's culture? Start from this free, research-based template. Featuring a self-serve version for you and an option to copy the survey and customize it for broader use in your district.

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School Culture Survey

"It's part of who we are and how we function as a district."
In this New Mexico school district, people go from "candidate" to "employee" in a matter of hours. Online processes, data-driven hiring, and streamlined onboarding all contribute to a better first impression.

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Clovis HR team

Find out how Skyward's Business Suite is helping school and district leaders build high-performing cultures, from the initial hiring phase all the way through professional growth and development.

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