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One-Page Pitch: Edubranding One-Page Pitch: Edubranding

One-Page Pitch: Edubranding

Lauren Gilchrist Lauren Gilchrist Pitchmaster
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The Advancing K12 One-Page Pitch Series aims to help team members lead from within. We’ll package up big topics into a comprehensive, concise pitch ready to deliver to stakeholders. 

This month we are exploring edubranding. As districts face increasing school choice options, presenting a compelling brand is key to communicating culture, achievement, and all the other special traits which set your school apart.

The best way to build a great brand is to shout your story as much as possible. This month's pitch showcases a couple examples of districts doing a fantastic job identifying their outstanding stories, sharing them far and wide, and celebrating kids!



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Lauren Gilchrist Lauren Gilchrist Pitchmaster
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