9 Donations Schools Love but Communities Forget About 9 Donations Schools Love but Communities Forget About

9 Donations Schools Love but Communities Forget About

Erin Werra Erin Werra Edtech Thought Leader
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It takes a village, but sometimes the village needs some guidance before they can show up. This wish list can guide helpful neighbors as they pitch in to help local schools.

1. Outerwear

Especially in the northern states, outerwear often makes the difference between full-steam recess and a more diluted experience confined to pavement. Families can help their children’s peers who forgot or don’t own snow gear by donating outgrown boots, coats, hats, and waterproof mittens. 


2. School supplies

School supply drives make life easier for families with multiple children or who have incoming little ones just starting out. Events like these are great for philanthropic organizations for people of all ages and abilities. One pro tip: don’t share the beneficiaries’ faces on social accounts. Stick to images of the goodies themselves or volunteers instead.


3. Meal debt

Budgets are razor thin all over now, especially meal budgets. Free and reduced lunch helps families who qualify, but once families exceed the threshold the budget is still tight and there’s no financial support.

Communities are stepping up to help ensure students eat at school by donating to meal debt through the school business office. 


4. Sponsorships

While businesses often sponsor programs related to their interests, families may dedicate funds in memorial of a loved one, for the use of their children’s peers, or for personal reasons. Clubs or local organizations may choose to sponsor a related cause. The giver may wish to include a specific program or memory near to their heart. 

5. Equipment for extracurriculars

Hand-me downs might make the difference between a kid being able to join a sport and one who has to warm the bench out of family necessity. Reach out to athletic departments, especially if you have a graduate departing, to see if they could put some loaner gear into rotation for recruitment.

Equipment isn't limited to sports! Musical instruments are typically an investment. Graduation caps, gowns, and regalia can be reused as well.


6. Technology

Edtech relieves headaches and carves a path closer to equity. But it’s not simple or cheap to manage a district’s worth of devices, and kids are hard on their things.

Expertise? Share it. Discounts? Offer them. Tech resources may be more complicated to come by, but every little bit helps.


7. Time

There are a million little jobs that keep a school spinning. Pitch in during or after school hours and build relationships with the staff and students. Coaches and volunteers make an impact on students directly. 

Literacy tutoring is one of the more rewarding options for connecting with budding readers. An hour a week can impact several students, and all you have to do is be willing to listen to a pre-reader and offer a little encouragement and guidance now and then.


8. Teachers' Lounge

Teachers pay for their meals at school, and often for their classroom snacks. Local businesses, take note: a great way to put a pep in a child’s step is to make their teachers smile. Particularly during conference days that extend into the evening: drop off a sandwich platter or a coffee carafe. 


9. Fundraising space

Local businesses who offer food stands can give back by giving a portion of the day’s profits to their local school system. Have business students run the booth as a project and resumé booster.

Going to school shouldn’t be cost-prohibitive, but many families can’t make ends meet while keeping so many activities afloat. With a little assistance, students don’t have to miss out on enrichment.

Follow-up resource: Fundraising in schools

What are some ways to make fundraising flow smoothly? Let's explore.


Erin Werra Erin Werra Edtech Thought Leader
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