Guest Post: Amping Up Your School Security Guest Post: Amping Up Your School Security

Guest Post: Amping Up Your School Security

by Dan Hoerl
Dan Hoerl Dan Hoerl President, School Technology Associates
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When you hear the words “school security,” what comes to mind? Locked entrances? Cameras? Metal detectors? Resource officers? While these visual, recognizable features are great, there are other important facets of security to be considered. 
Here are a few questions to ask when looking for security gaps to fill at your district.   

Who’s on campus right now

Are you able to answer this question? A visitor management system can help you keep track of who is on campus at this moment and who is scheduled for an upcoming visit. All visitors will be stored in the system and given an ID to wear. 


Should they be there?

Depending on how involved with students your visitors will be, you may want to run a background check or run a National Sex Offender Registry (NSOR) scan. Be sure every visitor who passes through your doors has a verified reason to be on campus. It’s always better to play it safe.


Where is each student?

Having an accurate time-stamped record of where every student is at any given moment becomes crucial if an emergency arises. Not only will it provide you and your staff with each student’s whereabouts, but you’ll also have this critical information available for emergency responders who can use it to save lives. 
Tools like positive attendance and tardy kiosks make this security setup reasonable to achieve—and take the responsibility out of the hands of your busy staff. In addition to the security benefits they provide, these tools also reveal how students are using their free/resource periods and whether they’re habitually tardy or absent. These red flags can help signal which students may benefit from more attention. 

Does everyone have an ID?

Consider requiring IDs from more than just your students and staff. All visitors should have a form of identification—parents, substitutes, volunteers, contractors, vendors, classroom guests, etc. Their IDs should state not only who they are, but also how long they are scheduled to be on campus and who they will be visiting. 
If your school’s security practices are outdated or leave loopholes, now is the time to make a change. Be proactive. Implement features like visitor management, positive attendance, tardy kiosks, and ID badges and take steps toward a safer space for students to grow.

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Dan Hoerl Dan Hoerl President, School Technology Associates
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