Our software isn’t like a typical plug-and-play application. It touches just about every corner of our customers’ day-to-day operations. That means a lot of work happens behind the scenes between the time when someone makes the decision to purchase Skyward to when they actually start using it. Our project management department exists to make sure that transition is as professional, efficient, and successful as possible.

Project managers serve as the single point of contact for our customers throughout their implementation, mapping out the various aspects of the project from initial kickoff through go-live and beyond. They are tasked with providing clear and detailed instructions at every step along the way, sharing content, keeping in tune with general sentiment, and intervening when needed to keep things moving forward. First impressions are critical, and it’s up to the project managers to be the face of a positive onboarding experience.


Skyward is growing fast and we could always use more high-performers. Come join us!