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Insurance Tracking

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Pay only what you owe. Set up deductions and cash pay for employees. Cut down on the back-and-forth with insurance companies.

Insurance Tracking
Enjoy an unlimited number of insurance groups
No need to import or export payroll data
Convenient, real-time access to insurance tracking reports
Keep up-to-date on premium and status changes
Open enrollment for employees

1) Hassle-Free Billing

Imagine the time you could save by paying only what you owe the insurance providers and eliminating the back-and-forth of credits and adjustments. Now, you can monitor insurance payments, compare bills with the actual premiums, and keep everyone in the loop on premium and status changes.

2) Easy Payment Options for Employees

With access to the right information, you can reconcile your monthly insurance invoices and make sure adjustments and credits are applied immediately to an employee's account. There's even a convenient cash pay feature for employees and retirees not covered by deductions.

3) Share Updates with Providers

You can pay insurance premiums monthly while deductions vary, or even estimate monthly premiums based on actual deductions and compare them to the bill from the insurance company. Then, share any changes in employee status and premiums with the provider in question.


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