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FastTrack (Applicant Tracking)

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Reduce turnaround times. Hire the best candidates. Improve retention with a better on-boarding process.

FastTrack (Applicant Tracking)
Identify and act on vacant positions faster
Post positions internally, externally, or both
Remove bulky paperwork and tedious data entry from the hiring equation
Automated email responses throughout the application process
New employee information transfers directly to your payroll and HR systems

1) Eliminate Paperwork and Open the Communication Lines

The success of your office hinges on hiring the right people. FastTrack adds a level of seamlessness from the word "go." Identify top candidates early with surveys, self-assessment, and online resume submission. Set up automated emails to walk candidates through the process and cut down on status update calls to your HR office.

2) Get Offer Letters Out Quicker

As your turnaround times get longer, attrition rates go up. Chances are, you're losing out on a number of highly qualified candidates just because other employers are offering them jobs first. Convoluted processes should never get in the way of hiring the best fit. 

3) Offer a Better Onboarding Experience

Effective on-boarding can lead to higher job satisfaction, decreased turnover, and improved performance. With online forms and the automatic transfer of candidate information, you'll make orientation and on-boarding less stressful for your employees, so they can take the time to immerse themselves in your culture rather than piles of paperwork. 


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