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Fixed Assets

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Know the status of all your assets. Make life easier on yourself during audits. Simulate depreciation without resorting to a calculator.

Fixed Assets
Account for and valuate all of your existing assets
Reduce the possibility of overstocks and shortages
Identify asset location and type
Log additions and disposals for review by auditors
Import an ASCII file to update your asset data

1) Monitor Assets in Multiple Locations

Are your assets scattered throughout the municipality? No worries. From acquisition to disposal (and everything in between), you can record, maintain, and report all of your fixed assets for each site according to GASB 34 standards. 

2) Automatic Asset Creation

Why spend time re-entering asset information when you can generate it from purchase orders or invoices already entered into Accounts Payable? It's just one more step of redundant data entry for you to clear off your plate.

3) Calculate and Apply Depreciation Schedules

We make it easy to determine your capitalization threshold amount. Set up depreciation schedules monthly, quarterly, biannually, or annually. You can even run simulations for any asset to see how it will depreciate over time.


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