Accounts Payable ACH (School Business Suite Base Package)
Utilizing the same ACH process as payroll, savings are based on elimination of A/P check stock, staff time to collate, and postage to mail a typical A/P check. Savings do not include possible discounts provided by vendors to utilize ACH option including early payment offerings.
Skyport Ads (School Management System Base Package)
Savings based on districts utilizing two (of four available) advertisement spaces in the SkyPort dashboard. Estimates based on standard advertisement pricing and typical usage by employees, parents, and students. Savings estimates include use of the SkyPort dashboard for both Student Management and School Business Suites.
Paperless Paychecks (Employee Access module)
Estimates included printing, folding, stuffing envelopes, and staff time to distribute Advice of Deposits only. Costs for postage, check stock (if needed), and waste were not included in our estimate.
Online Requisitions (School Business Suite Base Package)
Estimated savings were based on typical process of paper entry, approval processing, and routing of request. Paper costs were averaged from multiple examples that ranged from single page to multi-part forms and their applicable costs. Savings included redundant data entry but does not include potential savings from online receiving or acounts payable processing by having purchasing detail accessible online.
Online W-2 (Employee Access Module)
Savings from distributing W-2's online are derived from the elimination of the cost of paper and postage. They also eliminate the need for storage of paper copies.
Online Assignments (Secondary Gradebook module, in combination with Student Access)
Savings include costs for paper, copying, and staff time to reproduce and grade submitted assignments. Cost savings did not include projected staff time that occurred outside typical work hours.
Purchasing Cards (School Business Suite Base Package)
Savings were primarily recognized by rewards or rebates acquired through the purchasing card provider. Additional savings were based on time saved by eliminating purchase order entry, individual accounts payable entry for each use and estimates on staff time to maintain or update vendor detail.
Online Time Off (School Business Suite Base Package)
Savings estimated were based on materials (paper and printing of forms) and staff time to process the time-off request from initial approval to final entry. Estimates were averaged from information provided by multiple districts and were based on two levels of interaction (building level approval and payroll office for entry).
Online Registration (Family Access Module)
Estimates based on elimination of paper forms printed, distributed, and returned for entry of course requests for Next Year Scheduling. Included paper costs and staff time to manually enter requests.
Online Report Cards (Family Access Module)
Savings include the costs for paper, printing, collating, and distribution of paper report cards. Savings are based on a typical school district with four terms and included distribution of one report card for each term (did not extend for additional mailings such as progress reports). Savings estimates were averaged between districts who provided examples of mailing via USPS (postage costs) and districts using inter-school mail.
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Online W-2
$2.25 per employee

Online Assignments
$.59 per student
Online Report Cards
$1.94 per student

Purchasing Cards
$61.43 per employee

Online Time Off
$12.50 per employee

Online Registration
$1.03 per student

$20.00 per employee

Online Requisitions
$6.85 per employee
Paperless Paychecks
$3.75 per employee