Stephanie Kaack made history this year with four separate nominations for the Leader in Excellence award. According to her colleagues, Stephanie never shies away from troubleshooting just about any issue with Skyward the district encounters. She is a leader for support staff at all levels of the district, and along the way she encourages staff to embrace every aspect of Skyward—but she doesn’t stop there. 

Stephanie is always available to train staff, identify problems, and follow up to see how Skyward solutions are working. She’s willing to get answers and show people how Skyward is an indispensable tool to make their jobs easier. On the student side, Stephanie has helped teachers get on board with online grading, tracking students, tracking discipline, modernizing attendance, producing report cards, and scheduling counseling. On the business side, purchasing, payroll, tracking staff professional development, and many more activities have been streamlined through Stephanie's influence and knowledge of Skyward technology. Her expertise in data mining and custom forms have essentially tailored Skyward to the exact needs of the district.

Outside the district, Stephanie serves as the Social Networking Coordinator for the Illinois Steering Committee and has presented at Illinois SkyCon and iCon.

“Stephanie is all things Skyward to everyone in our district,” raves Tom Steele, technology director. “She knows the product inside and out—probably better than most Skyward support staff!”

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